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Creating marketing videos for your business is part of an effective digital marketing strategy. Videos can help you share a message with your existing customers or help you reach new customers.

At DuChateau Film we are not a marketing firm, rather we are experts in video production. We can support your marketing strategy by producing high-quality videos that you can share on your website or social media channels.


When you set out to create a marketing video, it’s important to define your message by writing a script for your video. If you don’t have a script already written, we provide scriptwriting services. We will help you determine your message and develop a script that will be used as a guide for filming and editing your video.


Before you start filming your marketing video, you need to determine the style. Do you want your video to be documentary-style with scenes filmed in real locations with real people speaking on camera? Or do you prefer a video made of animated graphics without any real locations or real people? Would you like to have voiceover narration or text on screen? Would you like a flashy, fast-paced video or a calm, slow-paced video?

Here are some examples.

Documentary style

In this video, we wrote a documentary-style informative script and recorded voiceover narration. This video is 7 minutes long because there is a lot of information to share.

On-camera host

In this video about V Golf Marina, we wrote a script and filmed with an on-camera host and voiceover narration. The video is 3 minutes in length because we didn’t want it to be too short or too long for the target audience, and also because Facebook recommends 3-minute videos.


In this video for Puerto Vallarta Electric Bikes, we used fast-paced music and cuts, combined with zoom effects and footage from video cameras, a GoPro, and a drone to create a fun video that describes what it’s like to go on a bike ride on an electric bike through Puerto Vallarta. The video is short, only 2 minutes.

Animated graphic style

Some marketing videos use stock footage, animated graphics, and text on the screen to tell a story. These videos do not require filming, they only require a skilled editor and/or motion graphics artist. These videos are often very short, anywhere from 6 seconds to a minute and a half. Here is an example.

During the pandemic when we couldn’t film on-location, we shifted our business model and created a lot of these animated commercial ads. You can see more examples by clicking the “view more” button below.


Where will you post your video? Your website? YouTube? Facebook? Instagram? Other social media sites? Each platform will have its own guidelines regarding the length and style of the video. For example, Instagram limits videos posted on your page to a length of 1 minute.

Target Audience

What demographic are you targeting with your marketing video? Knowing your target audience will help you decide the length, style, and platform that are best for your video. It’s important to know all of these before filming begins.


We price marketing videos by scope of work, so please contact us for a custom quote for your project, but here are some general prices to get you started.


  • 30-second script for video $150 USD
  • 3-minutes script for video $300 USD


  • Hourly $175 USD
  • Half-day (5 hours) $750 USD
  • Full day (10 hours) $1,500 USD


  • Up to 3 hours $250 USD
  • 5 hours package $375 USD
  • 10 hours package $500 USD


Depending on your project, editing and motion graphics may be included at no additional charge. We typically don’t charge a fee for editing if we write a script, produce and film your video. However, if your video is made entirely of motion graphics, text, and animations with no filming, then obviously we would only be charging for editing.

  • Hourly $65 USD
  • 5 hours package $325 USD
  • 10 hours package $650 USD

Please submit the form below to get in contact to discuss your project.

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