DuChateau Film Rate Card 2022

Scriptwriting30 seconds to 3 minutes script$150 – $300
Scriptwriting3 to 7 minutes script$300 – $600
Scriptwriting7 to 15 minutes script$600 – $1,200
ProducingHalf Day (4 hours)$100
ProducingFull Day (8 hours)$200
Video ProductionHourlyPer camera$175
Video ProductionHalf Day (4 hours)Per camera$700
Video ProductionFull Day (8 hours)Per camera$1,400
DroneUp to 3 hoursPhoto & video$250
Live StreamingHourlyPer camera$175
Live StreamingHalf Day (4 hours)Per camera$700
Live StreamingFull Day (8 hours)Per camera$1,400
PhotographyHourlyPer camera$175
PhotographyHalf Day (5 hours)Per camera$700
PhotographyFull Day (10 hours)Per camera$1,400
Editingincluded in production costwith productionno charge
Editingwithout productionHourly$40
Editingwithout production4 hours$160
Editingwithout production8 hours$320
Motion GraphicsAfter EffectsHourly$65
Motion GraphicsAfter Effects4 hours$260
Motion GraphicsAfter Effects8 hours$520

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