Corie DuChateau

Photography Puerto Vallarta MexicoCorie DuChateau is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in film and television production from University of Colorado and worked in television production for 10 years in Denver, Colorado. She worked on numerous series for HGTV, Food Network, Discovery Channel, TLC, DIY Network, The Weather Channel, and the National Parks Service.

Between 2012 and 2016, Corie worked on emerging video technology projects in Silicon Valley. She was one of the first to personally film, produce and direct live streaming broadcasts for television and radio stations, education, weddings and events, and she and her team published a live video streaming app to the app stores before Facebook Live even existed!

Corie moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2016 and started her business as a freelance photographer and videographer. You may have seen her numerous promotional videos for Act II Entertainment and other local businesses. In 2017 she produced a short film in Puerto Vallarta entitled Banality of Evil, which has been accepted into three international film festivals. Now she is expanding into photography and video for real estate and weddings, and she is building and growing the team at DuChateau Film!

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