The Best Tamales in Puerto Vallarta

If you got the baby Jesus in your slice of rosca de reyes yesterday, Mexican tradition states that you are in charge of hosting a party and either making or bringing tamales on February 2nd, which is Día de la Candelaria.

But if you’re not planning to make your own tamales from scratch, where can you buy them?

There are many different kinds of tamales in Puerto Vallarta, and everyone has their own opinion about which are the best. My personal favorites are the ones sold by a guy out of his big black truck in the parking lot of Farmacia Guadalajara in Fluvial.

This vendor makes tamales oaxaqueños (Oaxacan-style tamales) which are wrapped in green leaves, as opposed to corn husks.

You can find him there every evening except Mondays.

Here is a list of some of the flavors he offers:

  • tamales de rajas – slices of poblano peppers and cheese
  • tamales de costillas – barbecued pork ribs
  • tamales de pollo verde – chicken with green sauce
  • tamales de pollo rojo – chicken with red sauce

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