Vacation Videos

Vacation videos are great souvenir of your trip to Puerto Vallarta! Keep your phone in your pocket and enjoy your trip. We will film all of your excursions and send you a concise edited video of your vacation that you can share with all of your friends!

In this video, we captured a family reunion on the beach.

In this video, we followed a family on their excursions for a weeklong vacation in Vallarta. They stayed at Villa Magnifico, went on a catamaran tour of the bay, and enjoyed quality time together.

In this video, we followed a woman on a solo trip for her 50th birthday.

In this video we followed a group of 11 friends around Puerto Vallarta for 3 days. We went to their villa, to the clubs with them, and on a boat trip. It was a lot of fun for everyone, and now they have a cool video souvenir!

In this video, we followed a yoga retreat on a day trip to the waterfall at Quimixto.

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