Event Photography

We love photographing events in Puerto Vallarta! Here are some recent photos.

Event Video

Capturing your event on video is a great way to share it with people who could not attend, to remember the event after it’s happened, or to get more bang for your buck from your event by using the video for marketing purposes.


At DuChateau Film, when we capture video of an event we try to tell a story, whether the story is simply event coverage (showing that you had an event and what it was like) or crafting a narrative through your own words via filmed interviews or professionally recorded voiceover narration to accompany the footage of the event.

Begin With the End in Mind

Before you hire a videographer for your event, it’s a good idea to know what the purpose of the video will be, and where you will post the video?

  • Is it a keepsake for yourself and your family, showing the details of the event?
  • Would you like to utilize the event to craft a marketing video for your business?
  • Will you share the video on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites? If so, do you know the requirements of those sites regarding the length, size, and shape of videos they support?
  • What message will the video convey to the audience?

Working together with your end goal in mind, we can plan visuals, audio, text, and graphics to support your goal.


Every video has a script, even “unscripted” projects and “reality” television shows. The script can be written before or after filming.

Allowing adequate time for video scriptwriting in advance of your event ensures that your event will be covered the way you want, and this way you will get the most out of your investment in video.

If scriptwriting is done after filming, you still have the opportunity to write voiceover narration to help tell the story you want to tell. At DuChateau Film, we will work with you to develop voiceover for your video and record it in a high quality sound recording studio. High-quality voiceover narration is one of the hallmarks of professional video. Indeed, audio quality in general is one of the differences between amateur and professional video.

Recent Event Videos