Coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta

How is the novel coronavirus COVID-19 affecting Puerto Vallarta? Right now the biggest impact is on the economy. Businesses are starting to see loss of revenue as tourism slumps and conventions are being canceled.

One of the biggest unknowns right now is how this virus will affect the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta. If you are currently selling your home, how can you take advantage of this situation?

Given that smart investors know that the best time to buy is when the rest of the world is screaming sell, there are likely to be more buyers looking for opportunities to invest in real estate during the economic downturn.

If you have a home for sale right now in Puerto Vallarta, this is a great time to increase your marketing efforts to try to find a buyer.

So, what can you do to increase your chances of finding the perfect buyer for your Puerto Vallarta property during the Coronavirus outbreak?

1. Make Sure You Have Great Photography

Photography really helps to sell a home. Buyers are browsing the MLS, Facebook Marketplace and other online listing sites. If your listing does not have photos, has low quality photos, doesn’t have many photos, or has photos that don’t make your property look great, buyers are going to pass and look for another listing that looks more attractive. When selling a home, it is worth the investment to hire a professional photographer. They will have a very high quality camera, specialty lenses and lighting to make your home look its best.

2. Consider Making a Video

High quality photography is essential to selling real estate, but video really helps, too. If a photo is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 10,000. A video of your home can help potential buyers get a feel for the space better than photography can. Video provides the opportunity to move the camera through the space to show the layout of the home, the sizes of the rooms, and how all of the spaces relate to each other. So grab your phone or camcorder, or better yet, hire a professional to make the video for you. As with photography, professionals have the equipment to show your home the best way possible on video, and they can also add music, text or other graphics for more interest. Some companies even provide models or on-camera hosts to walk through your home on the video and show-and-tell its features.

3. Virtual Tours Are the Next Big Thing

Have you ever taken a virtual tour of a home or business online? Virtual tours let you click through the entire space, seeing every room and every angle. Some virtual tours are made in 3D, and you can wear special 3D glasses while you watch the tour. This makes you feel like you are standing inside the home; as you move through the space, you feel the spacial relationship of each room just as though you were really there, in person. Hiring a professional to create the virtual tour of your home is not as expensive as you might think. It is usually priced by square footage of your home and usually costs only slightly more than professional photography or video production.

If you are looking for photography, video production or virtual tour photography for your property, look no further! DuChateau Film is a full service photography and video company based right here in Puerto Vallarta! We specialize in photo, video, arial drone and virtual tours for the real estate industry. We would be happy to provide a quote for photo and video services for your property! Contact us today to request a quote.

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